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Jeff Bishop

Sales Representative

Horticulturalist, Seedsman, Plantsman

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What's New

Super Bulk Bale

Lambert this year introduced the newest package size in the industry, a towering bulk bale that yields more than 250 cu.ft. of professional grade peat moss. This new 125 cu.ft compressed bales saves on labor costs and time. Most importantly the more you can be delivered in one shipment the better are the saving on transportation costs. Both professional peat moss and professional mixes can be shipped in the Super Bulk Bag. Call me today for a quote or more information.

The New Sheriff in Town

Lambert Super Bulk Bales on pallets in staging yard

AFM-1 Aggregate Free Media for Germination


Lambert Peat Moss, Inc is proud to announce its newest addition to their line of quality, professional mixes. This special Germination Mix has been formulated without the incorporation of aggregates such as Perlite and/or Vermiculite. AFM is a blend of Large, Medium, and Fine Fibered Peat Moss.

Lambert's decades of experience in the selection and processing of peat with custom designed equipment is able to produce this exclusive growing media. AFM-1 Germination Mix, has proven to be one with excellent water holding capacity including very good air space. AFM is pH adjusted, fertilizer charged with minor elements incorporated. Lambert uses Aquatrols 2000 as a wetting agent for this mix.

If you are looking for a growing media that has all if not more attributes than what is currently available, then try the Best. AFM-1 is not only good, but we can supply you with a very competitively priced media, because you are not paying for aggregates.

Very Soon, Lambert's AFM will include new varieties of mixes for specific uses.

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